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Train once and let Youpin handle the rest.

Internal SERVICE

A personal assistant built for everyone in the company. Youpin is always here to serve with no vacations.

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Customer service that's always-on.

The complete automated customer service seamlessly integrated with any messaging channels. Give exactly what customer's need,
with apps they already have and resolve issues as soon as they arise, 24/7.

Deeply integrated with your Platform

Youpin has everything you need, all in one place


One screen for all messaging channel. Your staff can monitor live conversation in each rooms and able to step in anytime. Youpin bot help you tighten up the budget by taking over 90% of the tasks with less staff and equipment. It’s perfect for high-volume, simple interactions. It can avoid costly phone calls, and is up and active 24/7.


Give customers what they want, when they want it, not in an hour but millisecond. Knowledge base is Youpin's ever-growing brain that sync with existing corporate database and also constantly feed in new answered or new data overtime.

User Profile 

Youpin learns from customer's behaviour. Just integrate company's customer data with interactions inside messaging apps to get the best out of personalised conversation.

Youpin anticipate needs by context, preferences, and prior queries and will deliver proactive alerts, relevant offers, or content.


Not all the issues can resolve by information. New tasks generated from conversations will be listed in Task Management. Corresponded departments and staffs will get notified and complete. More tasks, less process bottlenecks. Customers will get feedbacks and updates. All data is organised and collected for further improvement and higher satisfaction rates.


Collect data spanning the whole customer interactions and apply analytics to better understand your customers need.

Youpin provides predictive analytics and machine learning to anticipate important events.

Data Integration
& Add-ons

We handle your business scenarios and provide seamless solutions so you’re free to focus on your goal.

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